Talking Obama The President for iPhone App Reviews

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bad app

this app is bug city. dont know why there is a record button. it does not work. deleted app after 5 min of play

So dumb

This is the dumbest app ever!! Dont buy. Will not playback

Dont by this

When I turned it on he just moved his mouth with no sound.

Works fine for me!

I like the wide variety of quotes. I like thats its funny, but not disrespectful. The animation could be better, along the lines of Talking Tom the Cat2. But it works great!

Does not work

This app doesnt work... Record button does not work and voices are random .. Some sound like Obama most dont Apple should screen its apps... This is a rip off fraud just like obama

Bad. You can not share to Facebook

Bad. You can not share to Facebook


This app is a piece of sh!+. A waste! I was expecting more for $.99. Btw, Obama is way more intelligent than a lot of people want to admit. Whoever put this together must be shallow.


Dont buy save your money

Not very well engineered

This app is terrible. The quotes and sounds are not on time with his mouth, he only talks and you cannot hit him and do other effects, the quotes are boring, when you talk, the voice that it repeats is nowhere near obamas voice, and the record button does not work very well. DONT BUY THIS APP!!!!!!!!!

Terrible app. Dont waste your money. Doesnt work at all.

Terrible app. Dont waste your money. Doesnt work at all.

Not an Obama fan but...

I thought I could have some fun with this app. If I had paid $0.01 it wouldnt have worth the money or the time to download it. AWFUL!!!! Doesnt work...


This app is just like Obama. A piece of crap!

False Advertisement!!!!! Bad!!!!!

Do Not Buy!!!!!!!! Negative -10 stars!!! It does not allow you to record and email! Everything about the app is cheesy and cheap, very disappointed and want my .99 cents back!!!!!

Crap !!!!

Do not buy this crap !!!! Its just like Obama, It said it would do one thing and does something else !!!! I want my money back !!!!


Bad just like his presidency

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